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Before we get into today’s page, if you’re in the Vancouver Area this weekend, be sure and hit up FanExpo! Sohmer, Lar, Ari and crew will be in attendance taking all your awkward hugs and giving comic discussion like you wouldn’t believe. The fun and games are at Booth 1015, so do stop by and say hello won’t you?

Now, as for today’s ode to the letterer, I have to dedicate this page to our lettering guru Mr. Rus Wooton.

I won’t lie, before I started working with Rus, I was pretty ill informed as to the role of the letterer. There’s an art and a method the placement of those balloons and zings and these days I can see the impact in every panel I read. Not being artistically inclined, it’s a nuance to the comics medium I wasn’t aware of, but am now very glad I am.

Also, I want to be the one to make up sound effects. BLAZINGO! KAMBOOZLE! SHLAMEENIE!

It’s Guest Page Friday, which mean’s the one and only Adam Warren has taken the writing reins:

Adam Warren is the creator of the ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” series Empowered, published by Dark Horse Comics, and has written and drawn for Marvel, DC, and a passel o’ other companies since debuting with an original English language comics adaptation of the Japanese property The Dirty Pair.

And brought along the (also) one and only Takeshi Miyazawa on art:

Takeshi Miyazawa is a Japanese Canadian artist whose work includes pencilling “Runaways” and “Spider-man Loves Mary Jane” for Marvel and most recently “Lost Planet: Bound Raven” for Capcom. Aside from comic work he has also been involved with storyboarding for games and design work for film.

Finally, we want to wish all of our friends attending the Boston Comic Con this weekend a great time and show! In the face of tragedy the best healing takes place in doing the things you love, so go forth and have fun!

See you back here Monday!


*UPDATE* In light of the events in Boston, CBS is reporting that the Boston Comic Con has been postponed. It’s disappointing for all, but better to be safe than sorry. Here’s hoping they can reschedule soon! -JM

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