I Liked Grim Fandango

I’d be lying if I said that I was that up on the goings-on of the video game world, but I have played a lot of “Jetpack” on my iPad so I think that qualifies me to comment.

The loss of LucasArts is a big one and it’s a bummer to see those people losing jobs. But, LucasArts also became a little redundant once Disney bought them since the House of Mouse has it’s own video game wing I’m sure. What I think the bigger story here is for us comics fans is that this is the beginning of the dismantling of the Lucas/Star Wars licensing deals, much like Disney did with their own properties when they bought Marvel.

The biggest ones to take a hit there were the cats over at BOOM studios and many of us wondered if they were going to survive without those licensed books. They seem to be doing all right, with a slew of creator-owned titles taking over the Disney slots, so I think there is hope for our friends at Dark Horse. It’s only a matter of time before Disney moves the Star Wars comics “in house” to Marvel.

In terms of my own reading preferences, I will admit this doesn’t affect me much. I haven’t read a lot of the Star Wars stuff from the last few years, but what I have loved is the Dark Horse Omnibus’ that collected a lot of the older, out-of-print stuff. Maybe Marvel will continue collecting this material, or Disney will let Dark Horse continue with that since it’s older stuff.

Either way, I can’t wait to see Chewbacca: Origin, in which we find out that Chewie was a sickly boy who’s hariness kicks in after the accidental death of his mother and father at the hands of his brother, Dawgbacca.

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As an infant, Elliott Serrano was rocketed to Earth from a dying planet. Upon arrival, he was subsequently exposed to cosmic rays, bitten by a radioactive spider and raised by apes. His tenuous mastery of the language you humans call ‘English’ came from years of watching Saturday morning kid shows and reading comic books. Already on the path to becoming a member of the socially awkward sub-sect called ‘geeks and nerds,’ his fate was sealed when he saw the movie ‘Star Wars.’ When he is not fighting evil, saving the damsel in distress, or creating a device to prevent the Earth’s destruction by runaway meteorite, he searches for geek/nerd/comic-culture topics and events for his feature ‘Geek To Me’ in the Chicago RedEye, a sib of the Chicago Tribune.

And since the weekend is here, I thought I’d leave you with a little light reading. This week, We launched a brand new little project called The First Law. It’s an adaptation of Joe Ambercrombie’s novels of the same name, and you can check out the first 12 pages here for the low, low price of absoloutely nothing! Enjoy, and See you back here Monday!


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