I’d Totally Read JLA Lego

So, the Trinity War… that we’ve been hearing about forever… that was previewed LAST year in DC’s Free Comic Book Day issue… that was supposedly going to be a big huge event… Isn’t even it’s own miniseries?

First of all, before I even mention how irritating “Channel 52” is, I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in DC here. Even Marvel’s oft-delayed Age of Ultron got it’s own series (with Foil cover no less!). There were so many cool theories floating around about how the Trinity War was going to go. Would it be Superman Vs. Batman Vs. Wonder Woman? Or Pandora Vs. The Question Vs. Phantom Stranger? Or my own personal theory that it would be 52 Vs. Countdown Vs. Trinity. By that I mean, a literal “comics” fight in the DC offices using those series as Ammo.

Instead, its just Justice League A Vs Justice League B Vs Justice League C.

I’ve been pretty happy with Justice League, haven’t read much of “Dark” and am downright unimpressed with “of America.” Having the three teams battle it out doesn’t really spark my interest in any of them beyond what I’m already reading and making the “big event” simply a crossover makes it seem even less important.

Look, I get it. Sometimes ideas just don’t work out they way you want them (Just ask Liefeld and Kirkman re; The Infinite). So just walk away. Do something else that spotlights these books individually, don’t just jam them into a crossover. I guarantee that except for the occasional person wondering “Hey, wasn’t ‘Trinity War’ a thing?” no one would have even noticed.

Now, as for Channel 52… It’s annoying.

That’s all I’ve got to say, really.

So, on to today’s artist! The wonderful Bill McKay:

Bill McKay is from the suburbs of Washington, DC. He worked extensively as a freelance illustrator before getting into comics.  His clients included Snickers, Domino’s, the NFL and the ACC. His first published comic work appeared in 2010’s Zombies vs Cheerleaders, a book to which he still contributes. His art has also been published in the pages of The Spider, Lady Death and Hack/Slash. His latest project is the comedy/romance/horror Night of the 80’s Undead with writer Jason Martin for Action Lab’s new mature imprint Danger Zone. It will be released in three issues beginning in June 2013.

Enjoy New Comics Day, folks! See you back here Friday!


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