Bad Iron Man

I’ll admit, this page was inspired by what’s going on in Iron Man Legacy, with Tony setting up shop in LA, but mostly, this page is the product of my desire to see Iron Man wearing a wife beater and being chased by police in an episode of cops.

We all know it’s bound to happen.

This classy Iron Drunk was done by Todd Herman:

Todd Herman is a cartoonist/storyboard artist/designer based in Portland Oregon, whose graphic novel credits include ‘The Fog’ and ‘Cut’ for Dark Horse Comics, ‘Galveston’ and ‘Fall Of Cthulhu: Nemesis’ for Boom! Studios, ‘The Warriors: Jailbreak’ for Dynamite Entertainment, as well as a three year stint storyboarding the Eddie Murphy stop action animated television series ‘The PJ’s’. A film version of his 2007 graphic novel, ‘Cut’, written by Dark Horse Comics founder Mike Richardson, is currently in preproduction at Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital.  His favorite genres are horror and comedy.

On a completely unrelated note, I recently picked up I Kill Giants, an Image publication that’s 7 issues in length and is an absolutely beautifully told story. I’d recommend it without hesitation. In fact, I’ll do just that. Recommended!

Have an enjoyable weekend, folks, and we’ll see you back here on Monday, won’t we?


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