Once Upon A Fable

So, before we do anything today I should state as a disclaimer: This is not an April Fools joke.

OK, so follow along with me here: Marvel (who is, as you recall, owned by Disney) will be publishing an in-canon Graphic Novel based on the ABC (Also, owned by Disney) TV show Once Upon A Time. A show that raised a lot of eyebrows with its conceptual similarity to DC/Vertigo’s Fables series. A title that ABC had actual optioned in 2009 for a TV series and had (allegedly) dropped in favour of the Once Upon A Time treatment.

Seriously, not a joke.

Will taking the series off the screen an onto the page sit well with DC lawyers? Only time will tell, but to me they seemed to toe the line pretty close with this show, so trying to do it again in another medium might not be the best idea.

Today’s magical tale comes to us from Paul Westover:

Paul Westover is a full-time freelance illustrator and comic artist. He is the regular artist on the webcomic Woody After Hours and other credits include Jonathan Baylis’s So…Buttons, College Humor, and FML. While he waits patiently for someone to hire him for some longform comic work, Paul draws nifty things in exchange for money and/or various sundries.

Have a great April kickoff, folks! See you back here Wednesday!


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