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Before we get into the fun and games of today’s page, I’ve been tasked with asking a favour of you all. If you have a moment, can you please click here and fill out a short survey? It’s something we do a couple times a year and it helps us keep this here comic as free as a bird for you all. So, if you woud be so kind it would really be appreciated!

Now, as for today’s page, with new mutants popping up everywhere, it’s only a matter of time before some of the truly useless powers start to crop up. I mean, it’s already started with the young man on the Uncanny team who can (read for it?) shoot balls. Yep, he shoots balls.

Any suggestions for a name for this poor soul? I’ve got a few…

Anyways, all we can hope is that once they’ve rounded up some of these lesser-powered folks, they can form their own team a la The Craptacular B-Sides. Bonus points if you’ve got that #1 issue.

Today’s pages comes to us from the pencil of Randy Kintz:

Randy “rantz” Kintz first broke into the industry on art duties for Ray Harryhausen’s Jason and the Argonauts, back in 2007. After finishing that series, he penciled and inked a mini series for Red5 Comics, called DRONE. Randy has worked off and on for other small publishers since then. He is currently working on two of his own creations that will hopefully see print, later on this year.

And they keyboard of Sean Ward:

Sean Ward cites his life-long love of superheroes as the primarily influence on his work from selling his own photocopied mini-comics on the street, to a stint as writer & cast member of Ed’s Night Party, to international headlines as the creator of The Sean Ward Show’s millions-viewed viral videos featured on CNN and G4TV, including Toronto Batman. Watch videos and read full comic books for free on his website at seanward.net.

Have a great weekend my friends and enjoy the holiday should you be celebrating it! We’ll see you back here on Monday!


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