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Also, I would really like to start a movement to bring back Bloodwynd. True, this may only be because I spent the weekend reading the Death of Superman Omnibus, but if DC’s granting wishes like they seem to be, then why not?

My only question about the planned-but-now-scrapped “death” of John Stewart is the same question that I have about the likes of Stephanie Brown. If these characters are so loved, so admired, so needed by so many people… then why don’t their books sell better? Based on the reaction to a Stephanie-less New 52 universe, you would think that her book sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Not the case though.

The same can be said for John Stewart. If so many people love him and cannot live without the character, then why isn’t Green Lantern Corps the #1 book in DC’s roster? Or is this just more of the Ghost of Christmas Future, er, I mean, First Lantern’s trickery? Showing us the pain of a future without John Stewart?

Either way, I will say that I respect John Fialkov’s decision to resign from the book. If this isn’t a story he wants to tell, then good for him for having the integrity not to tell it. Hopefully this latest rash of creators stepping out on DC editorial will lead to them taking a look at how their controlling the flow of their stories and let creators, create.

So with all that said, today’s page was created by our ol’ pal Kevin Stokes:

Kevin Stokes has been working on ‘The Guardian Project’ for Stan Lee and the NHL, and penciling ‘Splitsville’ by Arena Comics.  Published under DC comics (Jimmy Olsen), Image Comics (Shut UP and Die), Antarctic Press (Gold Digger annual), Gutters, Green Ronan Publishing (Mutants and Master Minds RPG),  and his creator-owned titles include ‘Departure’ and ‘Hidden Worlds’.   Kevin has had training through ghost inking in several DC and Marvel titles (Batman, Spider-man, and X-men),  and is also a experienced caricature artist trained at Six Flags.

Hope the week treats you well! See you back here Wednesday!


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