It’s The Humidity That Gets You

Speaking as someone who lives north of the US border, let me just say there is a reason that the bigger shows in Canada are in the Spring/Summer. It’s mainly because Tauntans have become rare in these parts. They have sadly almost been hunted into extinction due to their skin’s use as sleeping bag liners and their horns, which are well-known aphrodisiacs.

Plus, can you imagine what it would do to the world of cosplay? I’m worried about those folks catching cold on a good day, let alone the middle of winter!

Or as we call it here in Canada: “the weather.”

With all that said, it’s Friday, so may I present our Guest Writer of the week, Mr. Sean Williams:

Sean E. Williams is the co-creator & co-writer of ARTFUL DAGGERS, published by Monkeybrain Comics on ComiXology, as well as the writer of the next arc of FAIREST for Vertigo, starting May 1st, 2013. You can find him on Twitter at @sean_e_williams or at his blog

And joining him on Art duties, the lovely Devaki Neogi:


Devaki Neogi is a self-taught illustrator who lives in Bangalore, India. Although academically trained as a Fashion Designer and having worked four years in the apparel industry, her passion for illustrations finally reigned supreme. She started out young, from the age of six and learnt drawing from comics! As a freelancer in illustrations from 2010, she has been associated with children’s picture books, comics, standalone illustrations, with various Indian and international publishers. Her recent works in comics has been ‘Demand Supply’ a short story for ‘Mumbai Confidential’ issue #6 , published by ‘Archaia Comics’ will be available print in April’13. She has also collaborated with Manta Ray Comics, India, on an anthology – ‘Mixtape # 1’ ,’Silver Spider’ , digitally available internationally.


Have a great weekend, friends! See you back here Monday!


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