He Is The Brony

Punisher. Doctor Doom. Judge Dredd.

While I can’t claim to be totally up on all things Dredd, one of my favourite things in the world is when really tough, earnest characters… love ponies.

People often complain about “too many origin stories” in comics. Personally, if it’s done right and provides relavent information to the character, then I’m all for it. The details of our favourite characters are ever-changing, it’s when the core of them is messed with too much that outrage ensues (and most times, deservedly so).

Will Judge Dredd: Year One have the excitement around it that, say, Batman: Zero Year does? Probably not. But, you know damn well IDW are already trying to figure out a way to make that My Little Pony/Dredd crossover work.

It’d be the greatest book since Punisher Meets Archie. Think about it…

And while you’re thinking, let me tell you that today’s page comes to us from the awesome Craig Rousseau:

Craig, co-creator of “The Perhapanauts” (www.perhapanauts.com) and “Kyrra” (www.artistalleycomics.com), draws comics. lots of comics… (including Batman Beyond, Impulse, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and lots more).

Take care, my friends! See you back here Friday!


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