Catching Fire

My only question about how these games would work is thus: If someone is sharing a room, can they do battle as a team?

Honestly, if this was actually how they divided up the hotel rooms for SDCC, I think that the odds would only slightly improve. I almost wonder if a second Comic Con International is warranted yet. Sometime in the winter, opposite the traditional July time, simply so that people get a chance to go. Between the hotel situation and how fast tickets are snapped up, I’m pretty sure it’s the same 125,000 people who get to go every year. Give someone else a chance!

Also, having recently burned through the three Hunger Games books, I think that today’s page would make a better ending to the series. Seriously, it’s like a first draft of the third book was handed in and they mistakenly published it thinking it was done.

Finally, it’s Friday, friends, which means it’s guest page day! Put your hooves together because on art and writing we’ve got the one and only Thomas Zahler:

Thom Zahler, ladies’ man, man’s man, man about town, is also the creator of the Harvey-nominated, beloved superhero romantic comedy “Love and Capes.” He also just wrote and drew the inaugural issue of IDW’s My Little Pony micro-series featuring Twilight Sparkle. A graduate of the Kubert School he currently travels the backroads of the country going from convention to convention, kind of like Reno Raines in “Renegade.”

Have a great weekend, folks! See you back here Monday!


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