Oh, I Smell It…

Brace yourselves, friends. In a shocking and tragic turn of events, the People’s Champion, the Most Electrifying Man In (Sports) Entertainment, The current WWE Champion, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson… has passed on playing Lobo on the big screen.

The Rock says (heh) and I quote: “It was for a minute, but then it kind of just went away. As things happen in Hollywood sometime. For a minute I was interested in it (Lobo), then it went away.”

Which is pretty much what everyone says about Lobo, isn’t it? “I was interested in him for a minute… but then it went away.” Not unlike the public’s interest in say, Taylor Swift singles or vuvuzela horns.

What’s great about the current climate of comic book movies is the simple fact that many of them are good enough now that we can pick and choose who we want to see on that screen. Batman? Sign me up! Captain America? I’m in! Lobo…? Yeah, I’m good thanks. How about we make a better Green Lantern flick before we worry about bringing Lobo to the big screen.

For today’s guest page, we managed to wrangle together the creative team behind one of my favourite IDW titles, Kill Shakespeare. It’s a really awesome book that pits all of Shakespeare’s creations against the creator of their shared world! It’s a fun, action-packed book and the newest series, Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood is out this week!

But who are these madmen I speak of? Why, Writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery:

The Co-Creator and Co-Writer of Kill Shakespeare, Anthony Del Col has a wide range of experience in the comic, music, film and television industries. He has produced two independent feature films and served as a manager for international pop star Nelly Furtado, helping to supervise her 2007 “Loose World Tour”. He is the co-creator and co-writer of Kill Shakespeare, the acclaimed IDW Publishing comic book series. The series has been nominated for a Harvey Award for Best New Series and a Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Comic Book Writing. Working with co-creator Conor McCreery, Del Col co-wrote the theatrical stage show Kill Shakespeare: Live Graphic Novel, which debuted in 2011 with Toronto’s Soulpepper Theatre and has toured through North America.

Conor McCreery is the co-founder of Kill Shakespeare Entertainment. Prior to his fascination with Bardicide Conor worked as an equities researcher, toiled away in the film and T.V. industries, and worked as a print and television journalist on three continents. His work has been featured in The Globe and Mail, The Grid, WIRED.com andGlobeinvestor.com. He lives in Toronto with his wife Crystal.

And artist and Metal Master, Andy Belanger:

Andy Belanger works as a freelance cartoonist/illustrator out of the Montreal-based Studio Lounak. He does work in the mainstream comic market, plus a wide variety of work for the Canadian Film and Television industry. In the mainstream comic market, Andy has worked for such comic publishers as D.C. comics, Wildstorm, Devil’s Due, and Boom! He is currently the artist on IDW’s new title Kill Shakespeare. For D.C. Comics’ Andy has recently worked on “SWAMP THING” with Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire and is the creator of the DC digital comic series, Bottle of Awesome. Early in 2012 He launched his own self published work entitled “Black Church” It’s  dark horror comedy mixing the world of “Game of Thrones” With the medieval history of Romania, all dipped in a Heavy Metal theme. It’s the Omen in medieval times with Dracula’s parents! He loves Dogs, cats and anything involving monsters.

Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood #1 is on the shelves of your local comic book shops as we speak! Why not pick up a copy this weekend? See you back here Monday!


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