That Guy, eh?

It’s an oft-had discussion: Can you as a consumer of art separate the artist in question from their past deeds or personal politics?

For myself personally, it’s a difficult thing. I always want to encourage art and freedom of expression, but sometimes it is really hard to make that separation. Especailly since some incredible art comes from some truly twisted minds and places.

In the end though, I do want people, be they artists, office workers, talk show hosts, students or whatever to express themselves freely and stand up for that which they believe in. I may not approve of certain stances, or agree with certain opinions, but I want to express them. That’s how debate starts, that’s how ignorance is pushed aside and that’s how real change beings.

But above all else I like to encourage people to speak their minds for one clear and simple reason: I like to know where the idiots are.

Today’s page comes to us from the talented Ben Bates:

Ben Bates just completed four issues of the Krang War arc for IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and is currently penciling the finale for Archie’s Sonic & Mega Man crossover event. He has a blast working on all the things he loved as a kid.

Enjoy the week’s kickoff! See you back here Wednesday!


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