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So let me see if I’m following this correctly.

DC’s newest month-long initiative designed to pull in new readers is to give every book a really nice, double-wide cover with an unbelievable moment on it. But then the cover will be folded in half (or gatefold as it were) so that no one can see the aforementioned unbelievable moment. Especially when you consider that a lot of comic shops pre-bag and board their books. Not to mention online stores that have set limits as to how the cover images can be displayed.

So it boils down to… half a cover? A sort-of unbelievable moment?

Not to knock you for trying or anything, but WTF indeed, DC. WTF indeed.

Today’s completely subtle page comes to us from my friend, colleague and (this is where you’d unfold the page if that sort of thing worked on a blog)¬†secret lover, Hawk:

Hawk, more formally known as Mohammad F. Haque, leads a double life: innovative artist/illustrator by day, lightning-fingered techie by night. He currently juggles several projects and job titles, including concept designer/illustrator for Quantum Mechanix based in Los Angeles. He hails from the Maryland/DC area and scored a degree in Graphic Design and Art from the University of Maryland.

Have a good start to the week, all! See you back here on Wednesday!


PS – After sifiting through my RSS feeds, another facet of this “WTF” thing seems to be “leaking” the full covers. So its a supposed to be a shocking cover, with a hidden surprise, that’s now not a surprise. W-T-F.

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