Where Is This Bar?

I thought that it was a little strange in AvX to dissolve the marriage of Black Panther and Storm. Not so much because ending a marriage is new and different in the comics world, but mainly the fact that it took all of three panels.

Equally strange to me was where we found Storm in the latest issue of Wolverine & The X-Men. She was casually playing holo-chess with her Ex-Husband who was so mad at her when last we saw them together, he had their marriage ANNULLED. Not just ended, but wiped from the history books as if it never existed. That type of move usually indicates some serious anger with your former partner (or strict religious convictions, but I don’t know enough about Wakandans to comment on that).

Storm hooking up with Wolverine also seemed very quick and somewhat casual (inster your own joke here) to the point that I wasn’t really sure if, well, I cared or not. I’m sure that there are a lot of reasons to give Wolverine and Storm their shot. I mean, things usually work out so well for the women that Wolverine gets involved with, I can totally understand why Ororo would be into him.

I think these two are going to make it. Really, I do.

Today’s page from special guest writer (and someone I’ve never hooked up with), Randal K Milholland:

Randy Milholland has drawn the webcomic Something*Positive at somethingpositive.net since 2001, as well as the occasional super hero parody “Super Stupor”.  If you go there now, you’ll miss most of the archives as the site’s down after Blind Ferret’s recent server episode.  He’s been reading comics since 1981, starting with an old copy of “Super Goof.” He has been arguing about comics since about five minutes after that.

And on art duties, the talented Jordan Kotzebue:

Jordan Kotzebue is an Illustrator and Animator currently working in the Seattle area as a Senior Artist at PopCap Games, working on such hits as “Bejeweled 3”, “Zuma” and “Solitaire Blitz”. As a Freelance Illustrator, Jordan has worked with DC Comics, Aspen Comics and penciled the online comic for the hit TV show “Heroes”.

Have a great weekend, friends! See you back here Monday!


PS – Goolging “Storm and Wolverine” takes you into some very dark corners of FanFic hell.

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