Much like their variant program, I felt that DC had a pretty good thing going with Gail Simone.

On the variant front, I thought that DC was doing well, giving select series variant covers in ratios that seemed, at the very least achievable. They weren’t playing the twenty-variants-a-book game like some other publishers.

Then they announced the 52 covers for Justice League of America #1, instantly undoing all that.

So, here you have them now with Gail Simone. A fantastic, well-liked writer who was producing a book that was not only a critical darling, but a pretty stable book sales-wise.

Then they fired her. Instantly undoing all of that.

I can’t pretend to know what goes on inside the halls of any big comic book publisher. I have no idea who puts pressure on who and how high up it goes. But someone somewhere along that chain made a terrible call in letting Gail Simone go and I fear it’s one that’s going to cost them readers. Simone has a rabidly loyal fanbase and takes pride in her interactions with them. A champion for equality in comics, She is lauded by fans and pros alike.

This does not sound like someone you fire.

We shall see if the real reasons for Simone’s dismissal every come to light and if the move backfires on DC or not. All I know for sure is there are thousands of people out there now anxiously awaiting to spend money on Gail Simone’s next project and that’s money DC isn’t going to see a dime of.

Today’s page comes to us from the talented Eryk Donovan:

Eryk Donovan is an Illustrator, Writer, and Comic Creator who lives in Savannah, GA. He currently studies Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design, but is graduating in the summer and is excited to begin work full time in comics. His graphic novel “Dust” is in the works, as well as other projects such as “Jacked Up” and “The Madness of Phantom Hitler.” When his hands aren’t covered in ink, Eryk spends time with his wife and cat, cool comic friends and sometimes his PS3.

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