Urgent and Important Breaking News

I love it when the news is chock-a-block for things to talk about! So, with regards to today’s page:

1.) With that amount of money, the CBLDF could buy, like, 4 sets of Absolute Sandman! Score!

2.) I really like this new Superman poster. I’m willing to give this Man of Steel the benefit of the doubt because I dig Zack Snyder’s work and it’s from a Nolan story.

3.) While I don’t necessarily think that James Gunn had to apologize for his 2-year old blog post, I’m pretty glad he did.

4.) Alf… where’s that guy been?

AND, as if that wasn’t enough, today’s page comes to us from the very talented Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque:

Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque was born and raised in Madrid where he graduated High School and started some specialized studies in drawing comics when he was 18. Two years later as he finished these studies, he began majoring in English at the Universitie of Madrid. As he coursed his English studies he started working for the French market, in a small publishing house, Paquet Editions where he finished a series in 3 tomes: “Les Fugitifs de l’Ombre”. Alberto finished the series and his English studies at the same time and then began working full time for Soleil Editions, where he completed several tomes: “Larmes de Fées Tome 2”, “Le Dieu des Cendres” a series in two tomes, a short story in “Le Contes du Korrigan Tome 9”, a one-shot titled “Crawford” and a series in 3 tomes in the collection 1800 titled “Elle” (third tome will come out in January, 2013). Alberto’s latest  work is a short story for the Image series created by Jim Zub, “Skull Kickers” in its issue 18. This is his first American publication.

OK, now I want to tell you about something completely different! It’s a brand new project from us over at Blind Ferret and I’m really excited about it.

If you’ve seen us at a convention over the last year, you may have noticed that there was a guy with crazy curly hair and a video camera permanently attached to his shoulder. That was Will and he was being the “crew” of a brand new series called “Con Season!”

It’s an 8-episode series that details all the fun and adventures of conventions. A unique look at how shows go from our side of the table. Please take a few minutes to have a look at the video and first episodeas I think you guys are really going to like it!

So with that said, see you back here Monday for more Sketchbook fun!


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