A Valiant Effort. Really.

If there is one thing that is as certain as death and taxes in comics, it’s going back to the well. Stories, characters and yes, even companies are revisited and re-explored over and over again. Sometimes it’s with great results like Marvel’s Ultimate line. Other times, it meets mixed reviews like the New 52. When it comes to the resurgence of Valiant comics though, I don’t mean to be a jerk, but I kinda saw this coming.

When Valiant announced a return to comics, I know there are a lot of the company’s long-time fans who were very excited. To me, it seemed like flogging a dead horse, especially once their roster of titles was announced. Valiant currently has some fantastic talent working on it’s books, but they are unfortunately working on titles that were passe 10 years ago.

I think that all small publishers out there should take a good hard look at the state of Image. They have become the go-to company for off-beat creator owned titles. Something that there is no shortage of in the industry, at comic shows and online. There is no reason why Valiant couldn’t start looking to those areas to find the next Chew or Walking Dead from a set of hungry creators who want to make a splash.

I personally don’t get the long-term love of Valiant, but that doesn’t mean it’s without it’s merit. The company finds itself in a position right now that a lot of companies do. A position where it’s time to fish or cut bait on a lot of their titles. But they also have a very loyal fanbase that is listening to what they do and wants them to succeed. What I truly hope is that they stop looking back for the books they want to publish and look forward.

Also, in the same vein: Hey, Marvel? Where’s my CrossGen?

Today’s front-facing page comes to us from Rich Woodall:

Rich Woodall is a New Hampshire based artist/writer, best known for his creator owned titles Johnny Raygun, the Zombie Bomb! Comic Anthology, and Kyrra Alien Jungle Girl, a series he co-created with artist Craig Rousseau. He has recently started www.artistalleycomics.com with fellow creators Kelly Yates and Craig Rousseau as a community of creators delivering original creator-owned digital comics.

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