Dark Horse Goes BOOM!

My first thought when I heard about Disney buying Lucasfilm wasn’t “wow, that’s a lot of money” or “they want to do an Episode VII?! Crazy!” or even “how badass would it be to see Yoda fight those walking brooms from ‘Fantasia?'”

No, my first thought was “Damn… Dark Horse is about to get screwed.”

I’ll be honest when I tell you that I’m not much of an “expanded universe” Star Wars guy. I haven’t read any of the novels, I’ve only glanced at a few of the comics and I’ve never swung a light sabre in a video game. With that said though, I understand that a lot of the stuff that Dark Horse has published over the years has gone a long way to cement that expanded universe and those that like it, seem to like it a lot.

It’s a dangerous game to pad so much of your publishing lineup with licensed properties (unless you’re IDW, those guys do licensed stuff right!). Granted, Star Wars is pretty much the Granddaddy of all licenses, but as BOOM will tell you, even the big ones are fleeting. Especially when Disney is involved. Dark Horse may still have Star Wars kicking around for a bit, but like Disney Characters at BOOM, I think that time is short… and ticking.

So, I’d like to give Dark Horse the same advice that I gave BOOM when their lofty licenses headed over to Marvel via The House of Mouse. Use this to your advantage. Now is the time to put out some really interesting and cutting edge comics that don’t have anything to do with a TV series, Video Game or Movie. Find the next Hellboy and make it your own. Dark Horse has a great success with things like The Massive so now is the time to carry that success into a new era for the company.

Plus, you’re going to want to stay as far away from Episode VII as you can. Message boards are already melting down…

Today’s page comes to us from Michael Lee Harris:

Michael Lee Harris is the best comic book artist ever. He is currently getting his MFA in comics(not that he needs to.) He has worked on several titles like Black Wraith, Black Hitler, Spectre Spectrum and several other self contained works. He enjoys long walks on the beach and communing with unicorns.

Be good everyone and we’ll see you back here Monday!


PS – Wait, did I say Monday? Yeah, yeah I did.

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