Follow The Dotted Line

With the announcement this week that Fox has selected a writing team to adapt Bil Keane’s long-running Family Circus into a feature film, interpretations of how this movie might play out have been a great topic of discussion around the ol’ Gutters water cooler. Most of them were unfit to print, but in addition to the scenario in today’s page, my three favourites are:

– Dolly decides to take up ballet at the insistence of her mother, Thelma (I had no idea that was her name!). Dolly wins the part of the Swan in Swan Lake, but is unsure about playing the Black Swan part which represents guile and sensuality. A new dancer, Ida Know threatens to usurp Dolly’s part as the swan unless she gets in touch with her darker, more reckless side.

– The family moves into a new house and all seems well until Jeffy turns on the TV. Through one dead channel, he begins communicating with the spirit of Grandma. However, it’s not all good spirits that come through the TV and begin to terrorize the family, leading to death and chaos all around them.

– One sunny afternoon, Billy has to follow the dotted line through bunkers of Cuban, Soviet, and Nicaraguan troops that have taken over his town. The line leads him and his siblings, Dolly, Jeffy & PJ, into the woods where they must arm themselves with pistols, bows and arrows and their wits as they take back their town from the communists and free their parents. All under the battle cry of “Wolverines!”

So, you’re move Hollywood.

Also, the Gutters “water cooler” is actually more like a trough. Full of old meat. Feast on that for a while.

Today’s page comes to us from David Stoll:

David Stoll, born and raised in Phoenix AZ, began drawing comics in elementary school. Entranced by the mountains of cash and women which so prolifically filled the life of a comic artist, he decided that it would be his goal in life to one day draw for the top comic companies. From there, he figured, he could mount his campaign to rule the industry. Thus far, his plan has been slow going, but with the completion of an MFA in sequential art from the Savannah College of Art and Design drawing closer, he can practically taste victory.

Have a great week, my friends! If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to join the rest of the internet in dissecting and over-analyzing the Iron Man 3 trailer!


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