Never Too Soon To Think Re-Election!

When I first read that Captain America was taking over the presidency (in USA today of course, God forbid I get to read it in an actual comic book) I was somewhat concerned. It seems like the kind of move that could very easily end up being, well, pretty stupid.

Instead I found myself happily turning the pages of Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16 enjoying every minute of Captain America running around in a jet sewing his country back together. It was akin to some of the great action cop movies I saw growing up. Cap, in a position of power, doing what needs to get done and there’s even a scene where the grimy ol’ bean-counters start getting on his case about it. He might as well have been John McClane getting yelled at by his sargeant.

I know it’s just a comic book, but I think in this issue Sam Humphries is expressing the general public’s biggest problem with their politicians: they never seem to get anything done. Can you imagine if Obama or Romney, cool as a cucumber, hopped into a fighter jet after that debate and flew off somewhere to take on the nations problems? It’d be unbelievable!

Being from Canada, I know that I don’t have much say in things come November, but I have been watching the race closely. I’ve seen both candidates speak, I’ve read countless articles and even hosted radio shows discussing the election. Having done all that, let me just state for the record that could I vote, my vote would be strongly placed for the incumbent, President Captain America.

Today’s page comes to us via James Nguyen:

James Nguyen is an artist whose love for comics goes back a long way.  His published credits include Atomic Robo Vol. 2 issue 4 and the World War II zombie anthology F.U.B.A.R.  James has also done works for Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpiece III card set as well as RPG artwork for When he isn’t freelancing, he’s drawing commissions at comic conventions and via email.  James also enjoys working on creator-owned comics like Wingman and his latest Alpha Red with writer and co-creator Mike Imboden.

Have a great week, my friends! Visit a comic shop and pick up Uncanny Avengers! It’s a really great read!


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