In Mark We Trust

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Now, as for today’s page, I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I heard that Mark Millar was going to be overseeing Fox’s movies based on Marvel properties. It’s quite a coup for the company to land a guy who is intimately familiar with just about every character set in the Marvel Universe. Yep, Millar’s experience with the Marvel U is nothing to sneeze at.

But then I got to thinking… “wait a minute… does Fox even have any Marvel properties left?”

So I did some digging and what I found out was that they have X-Men and Fantastic Four and that’s about it. Daredevil has gone back to Marvel Studios and Spider-Man is with Sony. It’s not like Millar couldn’t make an awesome shared-universe of movies out of the spate of FF/X-Characters. But…

X-Men: First Class was pretty great. Do we really want to derail what that movie has set up? It was pretty good before Millar’s appointment, so really if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

So that leaves us with the Fantastic Four set of characters. But, if you read Millar’s run with Bryan Hitch on Fantastic Four (Masters of Doom was amazing!) that in and of itself is pretty good news.

So the ball is in your court, Mark! Do us proud and make us forget that Captain America was the Human Torch oh so long ago.

Today’s page has been brought to us by the talented Nicky Soh:

Nicky Soh is an illustrator and sequential artist in the fields of concept art, comic, storyboarding, children’s book and animation. His recent client list includes Microsoft Studios, where he collaborated on a non-disclosure game as an Art Director and Concept Artist and also as a storyboard artist for Mattel, one of the largest toy company in the world. In the fields of comics, his work can be found in comic anthologies from his successful group kickstarter project, “Game Over:Insert More Quarters” to the upcoming, “Liquidcity 3” anthology by Image. Currently pursuing his masters degree at Savannah College of Art and Design, his illustrations has been exhibited in numerous galleries and he is working on his first personal travel comic, titled, “Alicia in LaLaLand.”

Be good, my friends!


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