Ghost Rider In The Sky

You know, I don’t know much about much, but I have seen every episode of Sons of Anarchy. It’s a damn good show.

It begs the question why Marvel has never tried to make Ghost Rider a… (ready?)… Biker!

This past weekend at Montreal Comic Con, I had a conversation with Andy Belanger (Black Church, Kill Shakespeare) in which he laid out for me a fantastic idea for Ghost Rider that included him dealing with the world of bikers. I really think that it would make an awesome story! Let’s be honest, we have seen Ghost Rider in the supernatural context a million times at this point. Why not ground him more in reality? I’m not saying that Ghost Rider should join a gang and be president. But it does make sense to me to have him fighting to rid a town of a Hells Angels-style crew.

Perhaps something like this will be included in the snail-like rollout of Marvel NOW, or maybe even in the inevitable movie reboot. All I’m saying is that sometimes the best idea is the simplest idea.

Today’s trip down Hypothetical Lane comes to us from Martin Macintosh:

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Martin Macintosh bounced around in other parts of the world growing up, but Canada has always been his home. Martin completed part of the 3 year animation program at Algonquin College and then graduated from Max The Mutt Animation school in 2011. With his focus on Animation, Martin has just recently made the move into comics, although he has worked on different indie projects over the years. His dream gig would be drawing Spider-Man at Marvel. Currently, Martin’s main job is animation and he’s been working in the animation industry for a year doing everything from animating, storyboarding, concept designing, and now lighting/texture art. Martin lives in Toronto and is growing to love working in comics just as much as animation.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Monday sees our return!


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