Spoiler, Thy Name is Marvel

Hey, if you’re in the Montreal area this weekend and are planning on visiting Montreal Comic Con, do swing by and say hello! It’s a hometown show for us, so we are really excited. We’ll have all the Gutters swag for signing and selling and Sohmer, Lar and Myself are on a bunch of panels including a live podcast on Sunday! So come on byBooth #506 and say hi! Also, you do NOT want to miss Lar’s Adult Origami panel! It’s something to behold.

Now, as for today’s page… Good Lord, Marvel.

I’ve ranted and raved in this space here before about Marvel spoiling their own comics the day beforehand in major newspapers. I had actually kinda hoped they had figured out what a ridiculous notion this is, but I guess (much like their “Point One” nonsense) they are sticking to their policy.

This kind of story drives me nuts because it doesn’t help anything. There are no people out there reading USA Today or the New York Daily News and thinking to themselves “Oh man! That happens in a comic book? Wow! I totally want to become a life-long reader.” What they are thinking is this: “Wow, that happened? I guess I don’t need to read that now.”

What is even more infuriating than the spoilers, is Marvel allowing them to run the actual comic pages on which the spoiled event occurs along with the article!!

So what that person is actually thinking is closer to: “Wow, that happened? I guess I don’t need to read that now… Or see it… ‘Cause there it is. Guess I’ve saved the couple of bucks that would have cost… wait, comics are how much?”

I understand Marvel’s thought process behind this kind of thing. They think it will drive up interest in the comic in question, people will run to the comics store to check it out and hopefully buy 10 copies to keep vaccu-sealed for 50 years to one day be worth millions. They call this the “Spider-man/Obama Effect.” Unfortunately, everyone with 10 copies of Superman #75 or X-Men #1 sitting around knows how true this is. Especially in the “Direct Market.”

Plain and simple, what it comes down to is bad marketing, bad publicity and frankly bad salesmanship. No one wants to be wrong on this more than I do, but I think that the number of Avengers Vs. X-Men #11 books we will see floating around in Dollar bins in the next few years will prove me right.

Today’s page comes unspoiled by Mervyn McKoy:

Mervyn McKoy is a freelance artist currently working out of his studio in sunny Florida.  A graduate of the Art Institute and founding member of Paperlab Studios, Mervyn’s work spans across comics, video games, animation, and beyond.  Recently included in the Flaming C Art Gallery and Known for his pop culture parody artwork, he has been praised and Lampooned across various sites and podcasts including Destructoid, IGN and Gamespy.  As an illustrative assassin, Mervyn’s comic credits include The Terminus Tales Anthology and his creator-owned projects Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew and the forthcoming C-Listers.

Have a great weekend, everyone. We’ll see you back here on Monday!


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