He’s A Phanatic!

It’s September, my friends. The air is getting crisper, the kids are back in school and a new month brings with it new headlines.

Headlines which for some reason include “Venom Moves To Philadelphia.”

Seriously, the Associated Press picked up the story.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve got no beef with the City of Brotherly love. Hell, I’ll even cheer for the Eagles if it comes down to it. I don’t want anyone who lives there to think I’ve got a problem with the city that gave us The Broadstreet Bullies, ECW and the most amazing combination of cheese and steak since sliced bread. No, I do not want to make any enemies in the great city of Philadelphia.

(Seriously, these people booed Santa Claus once. Do NOT get on their bad side)

But… Why do I care that Venom lives there now?

Granted, I haven’t been following this latest Venom series since its early issues, but I changing his location to one that’s just slightly further down the East Coast isn’t really a way to get me back between the pages.

Now, you kill two birds with one stone and change up Flash Thompson’s story to a buddy-comedy in which Venom and Scarlett Spider open up their own Cheese Steak joint… then I’m in.

Just sayin,’ Marvel. Your move…

Today’s delicious anecdote comes to us from Scott Reed:

Scott Reed has worked in nearly all aspects of the comics industry for over twenty years, beginning as an inker for Malibu Comics and Dark Horse Comics, and later as a writer, artist and self-publisher.  He is the writer of Image Comics mini-series The Overman and Marvel Comics mini-series Son Of Hulk: Microverse. His latest work is Saga Of A Doomed Universe, now available at iTunes.

Enjoy new comics day, friends! And thanks for hanging out with us on Facebook while our IT Wizards cast whatever spells they need to to get the servers running again! See you back here Friday!


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