Don’t Let The Door Hit You!

K, so I can admit that since I’ve been at Fan Expo for the last five days or so, I may not be totally caught up on this whole “Rob Liefeld Quits DC” thing. So, after some quick research I’ve come up with a sequence of events:

DC likes Rob, Rob likes DC. -> DC likes Rob so much, they ask him to change everything he’s doing. -> DC likes Rob, Rob doesn’t like DC. -> Rob takes his multi-coloured pens and leaves.

I don’t know Rob Liefeld at all. I’ve never met him, he has more than his share of artistic detractors, but from what I understand, he’s a very nice man. So it becomes puzzling that he’s having all these creative issues with folks like Robert Kirkman and DC Editors. Now, with that said, he’s hardly the first person to leave a DC book over the last year over editorial differences, but still…

Maybe it’s time you took a hard look inside, Mr. Rob. Take a swim in Lake You, peel back the layers and say “Hey… maybe it’s time to give Youngblood another shot?”

Today’s page comes to us from that snazzy dresser Guy Allen:

Guy Allen is an illustrator and designer working professionally in the field for over 4 years. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, Guy majored in Illustration, while simultaneously having “on the side” relationships with Industrial and Graphic Design. Guys past work can be seen in many places including print, web and too many commercials to count; from automotive to baked beans commercials , Guy has done them all and has a client list to prove it.

Have a great start to the week and we’ll see you back here Wednesday!


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