A Kiss Heard Round The World

First and foremost, if you are in the Toronto area this weekend and attending Fan Expo, guess what? Our ugly mugs are there! That’s right, Sohmer, Lar, Becker, Stone, Will and myself are located at booth#1244. We’ll be there for the duration of the show, and we’ve got a great deal on Gutters books, so you should definitely pop on by and say hello!

Now as for today’s page, I have to say, I’m intrigued.

To my knowledge, a Wonder Woman/Superman romance has to been talked to death and explored in some future or out of continuity stories, but not really in the core titles of the DC Universe before. To me, it makes perfect sense for Wonder Woman and Superman to hook up. Not only do they share a lot of common experiences, but also both are pysically strong enough to handle the other, er, physically.

It’s an interesting pairing for sure, but I think that they should take it slow. Dating someone you work with is never easy, and if things go wrong it can make for some awkward situations around the ol’ Watercooler or Watchtower.

With that said though, I guess it would make those long shifts on watch duty that much more fun.

Cue the “faster than a speeding bullet” jokes!

Today’s page has been romantically realized by Tone Rodriguez:

Tone Rodriguez has been producing artwork for comic books, graphic novels, television and motion pictures for over 10 years. His first series was for Image Comics in 1999, Violent Messiahs: Book of Job and Lamenting Pain. He then collaborated with legendary horror director John Carpenter and film actor Kurt Russell to produce artwork for The Snake Plissken Chronicles. Tone has worked on such books as The Simpsons, Mars Attacks, Conan, Radioactive Man, Futurama, Shadowhawk and KISS. His art has been seen on Showtime’s Dexter and NBC’s The Office. Tone lives in North Hollywood, California. He works seven days a week at the Garage Art Studio.

Have a good weekend, everyone! See you back here Monday!

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