Scent of a Womanizer

Forget reboots. Forget re-launches and re-imaginings.

What I’m into now? Sizzle, baby. Bring on the re-sizzles!

Seriously though, I’m really excited at the prospect of Daredevil reverting back to Marvel Studios. As much as I didn’t find the Affleck-driven Daredevil flick as abhorrent as most, I can certainly admit there is a lot of room for improvement. I don’t know if setting the movie in the 70’s is one that I would have thought of, but I find it important to keep an open mind.

Daredevil is a great character and I think that if there was ever a Marvel character that could get a “Dark Knight” treatment (ie dark, gritty, bathed in the shadow of “realism”) it’s Matt Murdock. Plus how cool would it be to be able to include ol’ Hornhead in the next Avengers flick?

Speaking of “horny” characters, I think that Daredevil is the one superhero that could actually give the speech in today’s page and know what he’s talking about. Dude gets around…

Today’s page was produced by Michael Lee Harris:

Michael Lee Harris is the best comic book artist ever. He is currently getting his MFA in comics(not that he needs to.) He has worked on several titles like Black Wraith, Black Hitler, Spectre Spectrum and several other self contained works. He enjoys long walks on the beach and communing with unicorns.

Stay Classy, my friends! See you back here Monday!


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