Deadpool NOW

So, apparently miracles do happen and they seem to be happening NOW!

The miracle that I refer to is of course the miracle that Marvel has performed on me. For the first time ever, I am in fact looking forward to a Deadpool book. With the announcement that Brian Posehn is going to be taking over Deadpool as part of the Marvel NOW initiative, they have ensured that the book will be on my pull list.

I’ve always considered Deadpool to be a very one-note character. I totally get why people got nuts for him, but personally, it’s just not for me. Brian Posehn’s comedy however, I find to be really entertaining and I know he’s a big comics fan, so color me intrigued.

I was lucky enough to catch Posehn’s set at Just For Laughs a couple of years ago and he had me in tears. Toss in some Tony Moore art, and I’m sold.

So congratulations, Marvel. You’ve sold at least one more book in your Marvel NOW staple and that’s a start.

Up Next: Patton Oswalt on Spider-Man please!

Today’s adoreable visage of Alan Moore comes to us from Sarah Al Hazmi:

Sarah Al Hazmi is a comic artist and a children’s book illustrator from Saudi Arabia. Sarah is interested in telling stories that give mixed feelings rather than just being happy or sad, and are created to make the reader laugh and go “awww!” at the same time. Sarah is the driving force behind the “Hijab Girl” webcomic and currently resides in Georgia, where she recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Hope the start of the week is good to you and we’ll see you back here Wednesday!


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