Try Getting That Theme Song Out of Your Head

There have been a lot of faces from my youth on comic book covers lately. Ghostbusters, Voltron, Darkwing Duck and the excellent IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles come to mind. Transformers and GI Joe have had lengthy runs in comics that continue today. DC has even recently launched a Masters of The Universe book… for some reason.

But still, there are some missing. Where’s Captain Planet? Captain Power, though not techincally a cartoon, would be great. A Beetlejuice-cartoon comic would be a way better idea than the proposed sequel. C.O.P.S? And what, I say, what of the Popples, my friends?

If we are going to bring these trademarks– er, characters back to life in comics, then I think some more thorough research by the Comics Industry is needed. There’s still room on my shelf for a Silverhawks or Visionaries comic.

That’s all I’m sayin.’

Today’s page comes from my friend (but that’s it, nothing more) Shane White:

For the last 16 years Shane White has been running STUDIOWHITE VISUALS, a pre-production company for the entertainment industry. In his spare time he’s created several graphic novels including, NORTH COUNTRY (NBM), THE OVERMAN (IMAGE) and THINGS UNDONE (NBM). He’s also done various covers, interiors and anthologies and is currently working on his next graphic novel.

Have a good one, friends! See you back here Wednesday!


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