Undercover Reporters

The only thing in the world more entertaining to me than the copy of Amazing Spider-Man #50 that arrived in my mailbox today?

The expressions of both Daredevil and the cat in today’s page.

Sometimes It’s the little things.

Like the inclusion of Kick-Ass being a writer for Comic Book Resources in this week’s Hit-Girl #2. One of the things I really like about Mark Millar’s writing is that he likes to throw in little details and winks to the “real” world in his stories. It helps ground the story, even when it’s in a sci-fi or magical-type story like Superior.

Who knows… maybe one day one of his characters will work on a little project called Gutters?

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go find a comic toploader on a chain so I can wear this ASM #50 around my neck like Flava Flav.

Todays page comes to us from Mr. Ryan Browne:

Ryan Browne is the writer, artist and creator of the web-comics “God Hates Astronauts” and “Blast Furnace”. He is has just finished the five issue mini-series “Smoke and Mirrors” for IDW. Ryan has also illustrated “Graveslinger” for IDW, taught comic book art courses, designed posters and cover at for several bands and was even a Professor of Photoshop and Freehand Drawing at Boston Architectural College.

Have a great weekend, all! See you back here Monday!



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