And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

I have thoroughly enjoyed Jonathan Hickman’s recent run on The Ultimates, so I really have no fears about him taking over the reigns of The Avengers as part of the Marvel NOW!… (event? era? …movement?)… thing.

I was a little surprised though when he revealed that he was going to have a roster of over eighteen different Avengers. That seems like a lot and while I’m sure he’s got plenty to choose from, if there’s space, Mr. Hickman, I’d like to humbly ask you to please include the following on your Avengers team:

D-Man. But he has to wear the Daredevil knockoff outfit.

The Two-Gun Kid. Everybody loves a cowboy, amirite?!

3-D Man. 3D is all the rage with the kids! See if you can get his sidekick, IMAX Boy too!

US Agent. This one I’d actually really like to see. No, really. Gimme some John Walker.

Gilgamesh, The Forgotten One (seriously, look him up).

I’m sure there are plenty of others to choose from and with eighteen slots on the roster, you can really spotlight some of these guys and get your fix of Cap, Thor and Iron Man.

So whaddaya say, Mr Hickman?

Today’s page comes to us from artist and short-list Avenger, Ron Salas:

Ron Salas is a graphic designer and comic artist whose illustrations have recently graced the covers of Dracula: The Company of Monsters as well as the interiors of 28 Days Later from BOOM! Studios and his creator-owned Existence 2.0/3.0 with writer Nick Spencer. His illustrations can also be found on the Comic Twart collective sketch site that features new illustrations from today’s leading comic artists. A graphic designer by day, you’ve probably seen people wear his art on apparel from Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Disney, and others.

Enjoy New Comics Day and we’ll see you back here Friday!


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