Comic Come And Gone

…and there it is my friends. Like Christmas and the NFL football season, another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone.

The world watched as cosplayers and geekery took over the mainstream ariwaves and everyone got a peek into the convention world that we know so well. But who came out on top? Who were the big winners? The losers?

Well, as I watched the last few headlines roll across the screen from this year’s SDCC, I have to say that Marvel appears to have won the con. Big movie news (Winter Soldier!), lots of comics tidbits (Bendis back on Daredevil? I’ll take it!) and Mark Waid’s Daredevil essentially sweeping the Eisners indicate a pretty good showing for the House of Ideas.

DC on the other hand seemed almost non-existent. With the exception of the fantastic news the Neil Gaiman is returning to Sandman and some Man of Steel footage, DC really didn’t seem to bring much to the convention that we didn’t already know about.

But with all that said, in my opinion, the most exciting publisher at the convention was Image. They announced over a dozen new titles with some pretty big names attached to them. Strangely though, there was no more info about Grant Morrision’s Happy! or Millar/Quitely’sJupiter’s Children.

It’s always an event, San Diego Comic Con. Lots of people complain that the focus isn’t on comics any more and that Hollywood has taken over, but regardless, it’s still an event filled with the characters we know and love, and the count down towards next year’s convention begins now.

Today’s page comes to us from Michael Lee Harris:

Michael Lee Harris is the best comic book artist ever. He is currently getting his MFA in comics(not that he needs to.) He has worked on several titles like Black Wraith, Black Hitler, Spectre Spectrum and several other self contained works. He enjoys long walks on the beach and communing with unicorns.

Have a great start to the week! We will see you back here bright and early Wednesday!


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