Most Important Meal of The Day

I actually own a comic book shop, so you’d think I’d be more aware of certain titles, and yet, somehow, FrankenCastle got completely by me. When I finally did notice its existence, I originally assumed it was a one-shot gag comic, put out by Marvel on the whims of an editor gone rogue.

Alas, it is true.

Frank Castle did die, and was put back together as a Frankenstein-type monster.

Today’s page was put together by the talented Eugene Jjar:

JjAR (or Eugene in a normal human language) is a 29 year old comic
artist from Russia, and he really is a natural born artist. Not
because all of his artworks are ingenious, but because drawing for him
is completely natural process… like eating food, or nose-picking. As
well as drawing things, he also a big videogames, animation ,and
comics maniac. However, as a portion of his childhood took place
during the time of Soviet Union, these three things were behind the
Iron Curtain and thus out of reach to poor, young JjAR for a long,
long time… Ok, maybe not so long. He’s not 50 years old, you know.
Right now JjAR is a freelance artist and also co-creator of webcomic
Jump Leads

We’ll see you on Wednesday, folks.


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