It’s A Hell of A Town

I was fortunate enough to attend San Diego Comicon last year for the first time. It was an incredible time, and one of the most amped up convention experieinces I’ve ever had.

What I wasn’t prepared for though was how much I was going to enjoy San Diego outside of the convention center.

For those who’ve never made it to SDCC, the convention center opens up into the area’s entertainment district called The Gaslamp. It’s made up of some of the coolest shops, restaurants and art galleries the city has to offer, and right ouside the doors of the convention center. These establishments embrace Comicon and its visitors with open arms and comics themes exhibits, parties and even dishes. It’s a lot like what I bet Mardi Gras in New Orleans is like, but with Spider-Man.

While I’ve not yet had the chance to go back to San Diego, its something I’d relly like to do. The city has so much to offer, and while Comicon is obviously a major attraction, it’s actually become almost secondary to me in terms of what draws me back there.

So while I’m envious of those who will be attending SDCC this year, I’m almost a little more envious of those who are going to get to experience the rest of the city laid out before them. It’s a hell of a town.

Today’s page comes to us from another hell of a town, Oakville, Ontario and Rachel Idzerda:

Rachel Idzerda is a freelance illustrator based in Oakville, Ontario, and is a recent graduate of Sheridan College. Her interest in comics began with a childhood love of Archie, and continued through a love of good art and storytelling. When not glued to her drawings, she can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee, reading, or exploring the outdoors.

Have fun and enjoy the calm before the storm, folks! See you back here Wednesday!


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