Is That What’s-Her-Name?!

think we can all look at the death of Jean Grey as an event that will live forever in the annals of comic book lore. In fact, I’m sure most of us can remember exactly where we were when we heard that Marvel Girl was meeting her fate.

Y’know, either time.

But now we hear that she’s coming back through the magic of… ready for it?… Time Travel!

Yes, as part of the laughably named “Marvel NOW!” reboo–er, relaun–er, re-number-a-ma-gig, Jean Grey will once again walk the Earth. But the Jean Grey we’ve seen in the teasers will be from the past, thrust into the future along with a few of her “original” X-Classmates.

I’m sure Marvel NOW! (which I have to say sounds more and more like a fashion magazine every time I say it) will dominate the headlines for the next few months, but as far as this story goes I’m giving it the ol’ wait-n-see.

To be totally truthful, the only reason I’m swallowing any of this is because Bendis is behind it, and the man rarely lets me down.

Today’s page comes to us from the fine corporation known as David Stoll:

David Stoll, born and raised in Phoenix AZ, began drawing comics in elementary school. Entranced by the mountains of cash and women which so prolifically filled the life of a comic artist, he decided that it would be his goal in life to one day draw for the top comic companies. From there, he figured, he could mount his campaign to rule the industry. Thus far, his plan has been slow going, but with the completion of an MFA in sequential art from the Savannah College of Art and Design drawing closer, he can practically taste victory.

Enjoy the holiday to our friends in the South, and we’ll see you back here Friday!


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