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It’s hard to believe that San Diego Comicon is almost upon us yet again. If the calendar didn’t indicate it, the slew of teasers, rumors or pre-announcement announcements hitting websites all around the net certainly does.

One such pre-announcement announcement has to do with Sunday’s Spider-man panel at SDCC. Not only will Marvel be unveiling the details of their latest “War” storyline (which has something to do with Ultron, The Punisher, Howard The Duck or Wreckoning), they will also be unveiling Alpha, Spider-Man’s new teen sidekick.

Now, I don’t have a problem with Spidey having a sidekick. When he was a high school teacher, Peter Parker was able to successfully help lots of his students. What I find strange is the introduction of another new character to the lexicon. Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Spider, Araña, Anti-Venom, any number of Clones, and even Miles Morales are all ripe to make Uncle Spidey a mentor (though many of them may not be teens or what have you).

I have a bad feeling that Alpha may be a character created to fail so that Spider-Man can feel the pain of another loss in his life. While does sound like an interesting story, what happens if we as readers end up actually liking the kid?

As they say, I suppose only time will tell.

Today’s page comes to us from the home of the Red Sox via Kris Carter:

Kris Carter, born in South Boston first discovered his love of the comic book medium after reading Wolverine #17 back in 1989. Having no formal training he set about teaching himself the art of comic book penciling. Currently he lives in Dracut, Massachusetts with his son, Kristin, and lovely wife Sarah. A lifelong “cellar dweller” Kris now lurks at home creating new IP and working freelance for whomever.

Have a great start to the week, and we’ll see you back here on Wednesday!



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