Sohmer After The Dentist

So… as you can probably surmise from today’s page, Sohmer went to the dentist.

Aside from that, I don’t know what else to say. Dental hygene is very important? Brush at least twice a day? Floss regularly?

I will say this though, there is nothing that brings me more entertainment than imagining superheroes  in every day scenarios.

What would it be like grocery shopping with Doctor Doom?

Where does Wonder Woman do her taxes?

What does the Punisher read when it’s time to get the oil changed in his Battle Van?

Is there a laundromat on the X-Men’s island Utopia? If so, is it a coin-operated situation? 

These are the things I think about while you’re at work all day.

Today’s page comes all the way from France thanks to Pixel Venguer:

Since the age of 7, Benoit Serrou has drawn comic strips, often through is pen name “Pixel Venguer.” After working in video games, websites and illustration, Benoit began working for different newspaper comics (Fluide Glacial, Spirou, Psikopat) for over ten years. He has produced ten albums of comics with various publishers. Oh yes, he lives in Paris. Not Paris, Texas, but Paris, France.

Have a great weekend, friends! It’s a long one here in Canada, but we’ll be back bright and early on Monday!


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