A Thong By Any Other Name

“Event” comics tend to come with some kind of costume change for the main players. From “Iron” Spider-Man in Civil War, to any number of Black Lanterns, big stories tend to equal new looks.

But what I cannot for the life of me understand is how anyone could look at the Phoenix-Cyclops outfit and not see A) Nightwing, and B) the THONG.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love thongs as much as Sisqo. It’s also a fairly safe assumption that many of your favourite superheroes are rocking a g-string or thong under those tights. Strictly for reasons of comfort and maximum sleekness, I assure you.

The only thing I can think of is someone at Marvel saw this video and thought “hey, if Britney can do it, it must be cool.”

The Nightwing thing is more confusing. All I can surmise is that they hope the scads of Nightwing fans out there will pick up the issue thinking it’s some kind of crossover. If that’s the case though, it would have been easier to just call it Owls Vs X-Men. Which is a book I would read, by the way. The idea of Wolverine and Cyclops battling a feathery infestation in the Danger Room sounds pretty funny.

Your move, Marvel…

Today’s page comes to us via Eduardo Garcia:

From his studio in Mexico City, passionate comic book fan and artist Eduardo Garcia has lent his talented pencils and inks to such varied projects as Spider-Man Family (Marvel) Flash Gordon (Ardden), and Speed Racer (IDW). He’s currently working on a series of illustrations for an educational publisher, as his wife and children look over his shoulder!

Have a good start to the week and we will see you back here Wednesday!


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