And Chrismukkah!

You know what Stan Lee is great at? Being Stan Lee. At this point in his life, I’m beginning to think he should probably jus stick to that.

I often feel when I’m reading about Stan’s exploits, be it in the world of business or “creating” new characters, that this older Stan gets taken advantage of a lot. He seems like the kind of guy who can work up enthusiasm for just about anything, and that there may be some less-than-honest types who push him to do it.

Truthfully, I think Stan Lee, at this point in his life, is just a guy who want’s to make people happy. If that means doing con appearances, or making NHL superheroes I don’t think it matters much to him. The activity isn’t as important as the enjoyment he or others will get out of it. That’s both admirable and a shame because unsavoury folks are always waiting to take advantage of a guy like that.

Either way, I’ve got no proof of any of it, it’s just a thought. History is written by those who live the longest and who knows? Maybe back in the day Stan was on the other side of that equation once or twice and now with these wacky characters and strange business endeavours he’s just trying atone for it.

Today’s ghostly visage comes to us from Joe Ruff:

Joe Ruff graduated from The Kubert School in 2010 and started his webcomic, “No More Rain” a little while after. He’s written and drawn a few short stories for a couple anthologies he hopes to one day see printed and he’s also drawn many portraits of people’s ugly kids, ugly Aunts and ugly friends that are getting married. When he’s not waiting tables or drinking on weeknights, he’s hard at work on his new graphic novel, “Inner-Views” which he is actually pretty excited about.

Have a good start to the week, friends! See you back here Wednesday!


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