I Can See How That Happened

Brian Wood writing a book called “The Massive.” Somtimes, these things just write themselves, don’t they?

All kidding aside though, if you were lucky enough to pick up issue one of The Massive then I’m sure you weren’t disappointed. I absolutely loved this book. It is a great, fresh take on a post-apocolyptic world. It’s really easy to fall into a certain forumla when it comes to end of the world stories, but Wood takes it in a completely different direction, and it pays off.

Kristian Donaldson’s art is a great fit for the story and veteran colorist Dave Stewart really sets the pace of this book. Through is colors, we are able to feel the grey and fog of the post-“Crash” sea, and he’s able to take us in the opposite direction in flashbacks that lay the groundwork for the story.

Normally, I would expect this to be an Image book, as it would fit right in next to The Infinite and even The Walking Dead. But I was pleased to see that it’s a Dark Horse book. I’ve always been a Dark Horse fan and if they are looking to spread their wings into more creator-owned stuff, that’s definietly a good thing.

The Massive #1 is out now and if you can’t find it I would expect second printings to be on the way soon enough.

Today’s page sails along thanks to the talents of David Stoll:

David Stoll is a graduate student at the Savannah College of Art and Design who has been drawing comics all of his life. Beginning in elementary school with his breakaway masterpiece “The Ravenous Cocktail Weenies”, he has been trying to top that particular success ever since. Currently on track to finish his degree in August given the correct animal sacrifices, David is still looking for freelance positions and publishing opportunities, focusing his sights on the mainstream comic arena.

Have a great weekend, folks! See you back here bright and early on Monday!


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