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When it comes to today’s page, I think the only thing that I can really do is borrow a phrase from The Man and say “’nuff said.”

So with that expressed, I will move on and tell you about something that is pretty damn cool: our brand new Gutters iPad App!

We had an app before, but this one is a brand new monster. Designed and developed by Mohammed “Hawk” Haque and Phillipe Sabourn, this is a sleek, easy to use app that gets you all the Gutters goodness you can handle. It’s got all 300+ comics, blog posts and some really cool gesture features that get you into the archives, which are automatically updated when a new comic goes up!

Push notifications let you know the second there is a new page, and the best part? The Gutters iPad App is absolutely free! Yep, comics, posts and prettiness absolutely free! Check out some screenshots below and you can download it, once again, for FREE right here!

Included in said app is today’s page by David Green:

David Green is a self taught artist from Pasadena Ca. He’s worked as a sketch artist and is also working or his own online old fashioned adventure comic strip called The Rogue Seas.

Have a great weekend friends! See you back here Monday and get ready, ’cause June is going to be a wild month!


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