Don’t Force It

As a kid, I was a huge Flash fan. Loved the old television series and adored the comics. When I grew older, however, the Flash and I grew our separate ways. Luckily, when Geoff Johns re-introduced Barry Allen as the Flash, bringing him back from the dead, I was intrigued enough to pick the series up again.

And that’s when I discovered the Speed Force…

Yeah. I know.

Today’s page was done by the talented Guilherme Balbi:

My name is Guilherme Balbi. I’m a 28 year old Brazilian comic book artist. I never thought that I was going to become a professional artist because I started drawing when I was older. I ended up in a comics art school and at the end of the course I was in love with the art form, and I chose this path for life. In the beginning it was very difficult to find jobs and I almost gave up but it ended up all working out fine. Nowadays I’m managed by a Brazilian/American studio (Space Goat). To be able to draw Spartacus was like a dream come true because I loved watching the old 1960’s movie with my dad and I really enjoy the history of that time. The most fascinating thing about working in the comic art business is how easy it makes such dreams come true…

Funny enough, that’s probably the most endearing bio I’ve ever read.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


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