Everything New Is New Again, Again

Apparently way back in April at C2E2, Dan Slott announced that there would be “seismic” changes coming to Amazing Spider-Man with issue #700.

According to Slott, “What happens in #700 — everything I’ve written my entire career in comics, nothing has had this big an effect on a character than what happens in “Spider-Man” #700.”

I suppose it’s just the nature of comics and how they are created, but it always kinda weirds me out when companies start promoting their “Next Big Thing” before the current “Big Thing” (in this case AVX) is even half over.

So, a few bold predictions for what might “break the internet in half” in Amazing Spider-Man #700:

-Spidey faces a dire threat that necessitates a new “attitude” and a new costume to counter it.

-Aunt May dies, resulting in a new costume and Spidey taking a “vow” never to let anyone die again.

-In addition to the Avengers, New Avengers, and Future Foundation, Spidey joins the Runaways. And gets a new costume.

Regardless, what I’m saying here is: Spidey gets a new costume.

Today’s page comes to us from the one and only Shane White:

For the last 16 years Shane White has been running STUDIOWHITE VISUALS, a pre-production company for the entertainment industry. In his spare time he’s created several graphic novels including, NORTH COUNTRY (NBM), THE OVERMAN (IMAGE) and THINGS UNDONE (NBM). He’s also done various covers, interiors and anthologies and is currently working on his next graphic novel.

Have a good start to the week, my friends. Be sure and check back on Wednesday for a very special new page!



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