Wait, They’re Both Dudes?

So, Marvel is continuing it’s Cal Ripken-like streak of telling us what’s in their books before they are on sale. I think I’ve made my feelings on that style of marketing pretty clear, so let’s talk about the actual announcement: longtime gay character Northstar will be marrying his boyfriend Kyle.

Oh, uh, SPOILERS… I guess?

So a few thoughts spring to mind. First, like a lot of progressive ideas in comics, didn’t Archie do this already?

Second, this has to be one of the worst kept secrets in the history of comics and secrets.

Third, maybe I just desperately (or naively) want to live in a world where it really doesn’t matter who’s banging who (especially when it comes to fictional people), but I do look forward to the day when stuff like this isn’t a big deal, it just is.

Also, is buying this comic a formal occasion? Do I need to get a suit?

Today’s page comes to us from Will Perkins:

Will Perkins operates out of a Victorian fortress in the heart of the picturesque Finger Lakes Region of western NY. From there, he concocts the creations of Beware Comics for 215 Ink, bringing the literary leavings of the other brother Perkins to illustrious life. When not dreaming up the next abomination for Beware, he’s mostly thinking about dinosaurs. Or Superman. Often both.

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