First In A Series of Firsts

So… The First X-Men, eh…

Look, I’ll be straight with you: I have no idea what this book is. Even after reading the articles, thinking about the teasers and hearing about it from Neal himself at a con, I still have no clue what this book is going to be like. At first, I thought it was going to be similar to the “Deadly Genesis” story from a few years back by Ed Brubaker. But The First X-Men appears to be something different.

To quote

“Among those involved in this Magnificent Seven-style operation are a paycheck-collecting Sabretooth, a Nazi-hunting Magneto (who the creators happily plucked from X-Men: First Class), and a Wolverine-worshiping teenager named “Bombastic Aghast.” Other characters showing up will be an amnesiac hobo Namor and prototype Sentinels.”

Stop. You had me at “hobo Namor.”

Actually, you had me at Neal Adams. I’m a fan and the man has still got it after all these years, so all I know it’s going to look good. I sincerely hope that Neal can also bring some of his “Science Project” ideas to this book. I can’t think of a better platform for some them than the evolution of the Children of The Atom. I like Christos Gage’s work (especially his “Absolution” series for Avatar) so all the pieces are in place for a decent story.

Also, if it isn’t a decent story, don’t worry. It can all be erased in “Before The First X-Men” coming in 2015 from Marvel Comics.

Today’s page comes to us from Natalie Nourigat:

Natalie “Tally” Nourigat was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She attended the University of Oregon and majored in Japanese with a minor in business. Her senior thesis for the Clark Honors College examined sequential art and storytelling in comics. Natalie interned at Periscope Studio in 2008 and was delighted to join the studio in 2011. She works alongside some of the best writers and artists in comics. Image Comics published her first book, Between Gears, in February 2012 and she illustrated the Marvels of Money For Kids series. She has illustrated graphic novels for Oni Press and Lerner Publishing Group, and she is currently hard at work on her own project, Over the Surface.

Additionally, I’ve just had the pleasure of reading Natalie’s Between Gears this past weekend, and I highly, highly recommend picking it up at your local comics shop. It’s a great slice-of-life/memoir piece that I really enjoyed!

Be good, and we’ll see you back here Wednesday!


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