Rorshach With Jam, Please!

Dynamic Forces are putting out a line of collectible toasters, featuring amongst many licensed properties, Watchmen.

Let me say that again:

Dynamic Forces are putting out a line of collectible toasters, featuring amongst many licensed properties, Watchmen.

According to the release: In addition to “Watchmen,” the toasters will span a number of other Warner Bros. licenses including “A Christmas Story,” “Gremlins,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” “The Goonies,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Friday the 13th,” “Mad Magazine,” “Friends” and more.

So, I guess it should be pointed out that these toasters will be licensed items from the Watchmen movie, and not the graphic novel. A small distinction, but probably an important one.

Of course… try telling that to Alan Moore next time you’re in a bath with him. The end truly is nigh…

Today’s page popped right up thanks to Daniel Schneider:

Daniel Schneider is the world’s only cowboy comic artist, he grew up on a purebred Black and Red Angus cattle ranch with his family. Finding his true calling in the wonderful world of comics he has never looked back. Having had some small success with company’s such as Zenescope and About Comics, Daniel took a 2 year break after a steel pipe decided to split open his skull. Now he’s again doing what he loves best and is ready to jump head first back into comics. He is currently working on various projects and hopes to have a book on the shelf at your local comic shop very soon. He was also the first Artist in Residency for Happy Harbor comics in Edmonton.

May the day be as good to you as it has been to those of us who make fun of stuff for a living, my friends. See you back here Monday!


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