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First up, if you happen to be in the Ottawa area this weekend, Sohmer, Lar and Myself will be hitting up the Ottawa Comicon! It’s the first year for this show, so we are excited to get out there and yak comics with some new friends. We will have all kinds of books, prints, lanyards and friendly smiles at booth #305 so do come say Hi, wont you?

Now, on to today’s page.

Right off the bat, before someone flays me for my ignorance, let me state that I’m not a video game guy. Unless it’s Wrestlemania2000, NHL or Goldeneye, I’m lost on a lot of classic video games. It’s not that I don’t like or respect the creators or games themselves, I’ve just never had the required attention span to play most video games. Especially the ones today that take 40+ hours to complete.

So with that on the table, I would be lying if I said I really knew what the deal is with a Dig Dug comic. I remember the game from my youth and it didn’t seem particularly story-driven (though, Kevn Smith proposed a Bruce Willis flick based on it once). But then again, I probably would have said the same thing about Sonic The Hedgehog or Mega Man and both of those properties have flourished in comics.

In the spirit of Dig Dug and our Pong suggestion though, I would like to put out there Paratrooper, Frogger and Asteroids for comics treatment. I know you could create an excellent story around frogger and one frog’s struggle to cross a road. It’s a good metaphor for life, no?

Also, why can’t I get these games on my iPad? Just thinking out loud…

Today’s page comes to us via someone who’s no stranger to the video game world, Kyle Shold:

After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle, Kyle Shold worked in the video game industry at companies such as Humongous Entertainment, Atari, Big Top Games and Bungie as a background illustrator, conceptual artist, Art Director and story board artist for ten years. He contributed to over 30 titles before leaving game art behind in to pursue a new opportunity in graphic design as the Art Director at Key Publishing Group. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three daughters. Kyle is currently working on his online graphic novel, The Prevailist.

Have a great weekend, friends! See you back here Monday!


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