Such Ample Talents

Before we get into the bountiful aspects of today’s page, let me please remind you that the Boys of Gutters (anyone else hear a Don Henley song?) will be attending The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this weekend!

Sohmer, Lar, Becker & Stone will all be on hand with Gutters books, prints and other goodies to tickle your fancy at Booth #925, under Blind Ferret Entertainment. Which you will notice is also on this map:



Now, as for today’s page, for a long time it seemed like taking a shot a Zenoscope just kinda wasn’t fair. I’m sure they’re a great bunch of folks, but I bet even Alan Moore is uncomfortable with some of the things they’ve done with Public Domain characters.

Whenever I see a new cover from Zenoscope I can’t help but think “This is what Michael Bay would read if he read comics.” Which clearly he doesn’t, based on his films.

But please don’t take that as me being anti-women in comics, or anti-breast for that matter. I’m a great fan of books with strong female leads and in the real world I’m a huge fan of breasts. Especially on women. But, there does come a time when the two meet that even I, the most jaded of commentators, have to say “hmmmmm… maybe not.”

Today’s ample page comes to us from Gavin Smith:

Gavin Smith is a freelance artist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a 2011 graduate of the Kubert school. His past work includes “Dead City Kids” with Zane and Brea Grant, a story in the Millar-World anthology “A Fistful of Comics”, cover art for “The Sound” Magazine, and he has done album and merchandise artwork for independent record labels: Hewhocorruptsinc., Flannelgraph Records, Glory Hole Records, and Crossroads of America. He also did the artwork for the poster for the independent superhero movie, “VS”. He just released the first issue of his self-published comic “Human City” that he wrote, pencilled, inked, colored, and lettered himself, with the exception of 8 pages being co-written by Orion Zangara.

Have a great weekend, folks! See you back here Monday!


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