I Prefer The Rolls To Be Honest

Of the New 52 (It’s been a year, do we still call it “new?”) I think Batman has ranked in my top 3 since the start. Scott Snyder has been weaving a fantastic story and Greg Capullo’s art has never looked better. Both are perfectly suited for Batman.

The Night of Owls crossover event is intriguing because not only is it a great story, but its also the first real “crossover” of the new status quo of the DCU.

Will it be a groundbreaking epic? Or a return to old habits? Only the Owls know for sure.

Also, in case you were wondering:

1. Aquaman

2. Batman

3. Justice League.

Today, the answer to one of life’s great mysteries (that even Batman couldn’t solve!) comes to us via Allen Gladfelter:

Allen Gladfelter is probably most well-known for drawing a very well-known Disney franchise.  It was a good gig and he loved doing it.  Then, just months before the movie was supposed to open, things happened and they stopped publishing them.  Now they’re being made (or not) someplace in Italy.  In the meantime, Allen lives rent-free in his brother’s basement trying to figure out how to get on with those Dreamworks guys.

Be good, my friends! See you back here Monday!


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