It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp

I think I might have been more excited to hear that DC was doing a new series about the Three 6 Mafia. I miss them. Terrance Howard too. Remember when he was in Iron Man? That was great.

Anyways, I was quite surprised to see that DC was ressurecting He-Man and The Masters of The Universe. While I can’t say that I was a huge fan, I did watch the show as a child and was somewhat amused by it (Truthfully though, I think I watched mostly because of the woefully under-used Moss Man character). It always seemed like kind of a silly world and not one that I really got into.

So keep that in mind when I ask; Wouldn’t this book be more comfortable at Archie alongside Sonic the Hedgehog? Or, given our treatment, Dark Horse alongside Sin City?

Maybe I’m misdirected on the whole thing and the Masters of The Universe will be a great book that fits in perfectly at DC. Until then though, I remain skeptical at best.

Also, I’m aware “Pimipin’ Ain’t Easy” is a Big Daddy Kane song. I just don’t want people to forget the Three 6, that’s all. Word.

Today’s page was brought to us by Jainai Jeffries:

Jainai Jeffries: A female artist always up to show off how big her cock and balls are in the creative business. Grew up around Inglewood, California, and lived in Santa Cruz, NYC, and Tokyo. Currently a freelance artist (illustrator, concept, tattooing) looking for a full-time position at a studio with the balls to fight against the cliche and mediocre polluting todays creative fields.

Peace Out, my friends and we’ll see you back here Friday!


PS – Who is Moss Man, you ask? Well, allow me to quote Wiki Grayskull:

“As his name indicates, he is a man made of moss, whose power is to camouflage into foliage and other green areas, as well as control all plant life. He lives in the Evergreen Forest in harmony among the animals and plants”

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